Blackwater Criminal Law is a Glasgow based firm with clients spread throughout the country. Over many years we have generated an ever growing and loyal client base, representing our clients in some of the most important, as well as interesting, cases in Scotland.

Blackwater Criminal Law - Glasgow Office

The firm prides itself on its standards of professionalism, reliability and determination in achieving the best possible outcome for each and every client. This we do, regardless of the challenge before us.


Over the last twenty years the firm have successfully defended a tremendous number of clients, accused of the most serious offences such as murder, rape, and assault. Serious and Organised crime offences, often associated with higher level drugs offending, is also an area in which we have particular expertise. Due to a change in the Crown’s approach to prosecuting sex offences, over recent years, the business of any criminal firm always extends to offences of this type. The firm has also developed a formidable record of success in these types of cases.


As a firm we appear personally for our clients in courts all over the country. We have a reputation for fighting for our clients and where proper to do so, taking matters to trial and challenging the prosecution. The firm as a result has developed a deep understanding of the modern approach of policing, of intelligence measures, crime detection and evidence gathering. This we add to our use of specialists in fields of science, forensic medicine and cyber crime, in tackling some of the biggest cases before the courts. The firm is currently engaged in some of Scotland’s most serious and important cases, some setting the standard for future prosecutions.


We are a firm that is accessible when others may not be. Solicitors are generous with their time and go out of their way to be contactable, often at what some may consider unsociable hours. The business of the firm may be divided into branches, but the client will be treated with respect at each and every level from the first phone call to the conclusion of their case.