Top 10 reasons why Glasgow is great!


If you are visiting Glasgow in the near future, you will almost certainly already know that it is a great place to be. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the top 10 reasons that Glasgow is great – just to give you something else to look forward to before your trip.


  1. There are great live venues


If you enjoy listening to music, there is no doubt that Glasgow will be a great place to be for you. With lots of live venues, including the O2 Academy and the Arches, there are lots of places for you to choose from with a variety of artists performing – which is perfect if you enjoy live music.


  1. Because the city looks stunning at night

If you like wandering around the city at night, you are sure to be stunned. There are always beautiful lights no matter where you look, and if you can wander round the smaller streets you have an even better chance of seeing something stunning.


  1. There are brilliant places to eat and drink


Any food or drink lover is sure to be right at home in the city of Glasgow. With a glorious mix of independent and chain restaurants, plus a great selection of bars with stunning drinks ranges, you are sure to be able to set your taste buds tingling.


  1. Because of the botanical gardens


Anyone who has an appreciation for nature is certain to enjoy a visit to the botanical gardens, as it is definitely a treat to be enjoyed. Full of beautiful plants, this stunning building is worth a visit if you are in the city.


  1. You can enjoy a variety of nightlife options

No matter what you enjoy doing at night, you will be able to find something for you in Glasgow. Whether you like listening to live music, partying in a club, or having some quiet drinks with your friends, the range of things to do really is excellent – and you are sure to have a great time.

  1. You can make the most of our markets


If you enjoy taking a look round markets, you will enjoy visiting The Barras. Here, you have a great chance to browse and purchase a vast variety of items, all for a reasonable price, so you can certainly immerse yourself in the culture here.


  1. We have stunning cemeteries


Although you might not think that cemeteries are a reason to visit as such, a visit to the Necropolis at sunset is sure to change your mind. With beautiful views across the city, you will be in the perfect position to observe Glasgow in all its glory.


  1. There are little hints of decoration all over the city


There is certainly a lot to be admired in Glasgow, and there are little titbits all over the city for you to enjoy. The mosaic bollards are a fine example of this, and you simply have to see the splashes of colour that they can bring.


  1. The excellent transport system

In other cities, going on the tube might fill you with dread – but not so in Glasgow. Our transport system is excellent, meaning that you can get to where you need to be quickly and in comfort.


  1. Our city is welcoming to all guests


Finally, no matter where you come from, or why you are visiting, the people of Glasgow will welcome you with open arms. This means that you can truly enjoy your visit, and fill it with any activities that you like, knowing that you will get a great welcome when you arrive.


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