Things to do in Glasgow

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If you are planning to visit Glasgow in the near future, you may be trying to come up with a great list of things that you could do while you are there. The great news is that there are many things to do in Glasgow, so no matter how long your stay might be, you are sure to be able to find some great things to do. We have put together a list of some of the best places to see, to give you some inspiration about the kinds of things that you could be doing while you are there.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Whether you are actually into art or not, the building itself is a good enough reason to visit. The building is made of sandstone and dates back to the Victorian era, and there is no doubt that it looks completely spectacular to all who visit. There is a great mix of themed rooms, meaning that there is certain to be something that fits with everyone’s tastes. Whether you are visiting alone or with the whole family, there is no doubt that you will find something that fits your interests here.

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

If you have been looking for something a little bit different to do while in the city, then the kinetic theatre is somewhere that you must go. There are performances every day from Wednesday to Sunday, and the gallery is open beforehand so that you are able to see the sculptures on display before the show. There are excellent figures on show, including ones made from scrap metal and wooden carvings, so even if you don’t manage to make it to a show, it is good to come and see the figures – as anyone with any kind of interest in art or design is sure to appreciate them.

Ubiquitous Chip

When you are travelling, nothing is better than being able to sample the local cuisine, and with this in mind you should think about visiting local restaurant Ubiquitous Chip. Here, you will be able to sample excellent Scottish produce, with a wine list that everyone will be impressed with. Not only is the food and drink great, but also the venue, with a beautiful courtyard space for you to be able to make the most of. This means that you can eat and drink in style, while enjoying the atmosphere of the city and making memories that you will always treasure.

Glasgow Cathedral

No matter who you are, you simply can’t visit Glasgow without taking a look at some of the magnificent architecture that is around the city. If this is what you are interested in then there is no doubt that Glasgow Cathedral will hold a lot of interest for you. The gothic architecture attracts many visitors, and you can see why people are so impressed by it as soon as you set eyes on the building. Although it is very impressive from the outside, there is also a great deal to be admired from the inside too, so it is more than worth building a visit into your plans that lasts a couple of hours – as there is a lot for you to take in.

One thing that is for certain about Glasgow is that the list of things to do covers a wide range, and this means that a visit to the city is likely to be enjoyable for anybody who decides to take a look. With so many things to do, it is a good idea to make a plan before you visit, as this gives you the best chance of being able to cover everything that you want to see.

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