Meet Our Team

At Criminal Lawyers Glasgow, we take great pride in having such dedicated, professional, and most importantly, experienced solicitors ready to help our clients. We understand that it’s very important to familiarize yourself with the solicitors that will be helping you. You can read more about our solicitors below.

Graham Mann

Graham has been working in criminal law for over 25 years. He has challenged every type of criminal offence in his time of being a criminal solicitor, and has been successful in defending hundreds of clients. He has developed a loyal client base who demand a lawyer to fight their corner, and who will get results. Whatever section of criminal law you are dealing with, Graham is fully committed to helping you get the best result from your case.

Jamie Mcnair

Jamie McNair has been a solicitor since 2001 and is an extremely experienced court practitioner. He has a wealth of knowledge in criminal law and brings tremendous experience to the team. Having dealt with police officers throughout his career he has a head start in knowing how to take on the prosecution. He keeps abreast of developments in the law and is always keen to know about the latest developments in all sections of criminal law. Whatever section of criminal law you’re dealing with, whether it’s a drug or sex crime, domestic abuse, or breach of the peace, Jamie is approachable and ready to help you win your case.