Glasgow’s most popular tourist attractions

Once you have decided that you would like to visit Glasgow, there is no doubt that you will be looking forward to the range of attractions that are there for you to look at. There is so much to see that it is more than worth doing some research before you go, to make sure that you don’t miss anything. To help you with this, we have put together a selection of Glasgow’s most popular tourist attractions, to give you plenty to aim for while you are there.


Glasgow Cathedral

This is one of the best possible examples of Glasgow architecture that you could hope to see while in the city. Because of this, it is well worth making sure that you don’t miss it. Not only does it look great from the outside, but there is a lot inside too, so if you have the time, you should come inside. If not, then walking around the grounds is a great idea, and it can look stunning no matter what the weather might be like.


Glasgow School of Art

You simply can’t visit the city of Glasgow without taking the time to immerse yourself in some of the art that it has to offer. Glasgow School of Art is a fine example of a place where art has been created in the city, and you are able to come and take a look through many of the rooms in the building.


George Square


One thing that Glasgow is famous for is its statues, and George Square is one of the best possible places that you can see many of them in one place. Here, you can see no less than 12 statues of people who are important to the city, giving you lots to look at. Not only this, but you are within walking distance of many other areas of the city here, so if you are using public transport it is a great place to aim for.


Pollock House and Pollock Country Park

Another example of the fine architecture in the city, Pollock House offers you a grand total of 355 acres of grounds to walk around. In addition to walking around the stunning grounds, you can also take part in the challenges and games that are on offer, meaning that no matter whether you were hoping for a relaxing stroll, or whether you would rather do something that challenges your mind, you will have something that you can enjoy here.


Glasgow Botanic Gardens

In a city where there are so many buildings, you may be forgiven for assuming that greenery was lacking – but this certainly isn’t the case. At the Botanic Gardens, you are given the opportunity to walk around a number of greenhouses, and enjoy the plants that are inside. As well as the plants, there are also some interesting statues for you to look at, which adds a whole new level of entertainment to your activity. If you are looking for something quiet that you can do to calm down from the overall excitement of your trip, then this could be something that is more than worth giving a go.

Kibble Palace and Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. (Photo by: UIG via Getty Images)


One thing that is for certain about Glasgow is that it doesn’t matter what kind of thing you enjoy, you are sure to be able to find something that ticks all of your boxes in the city. With so many things to do, you are guaranteed an excellent trip that you will enjoy – the only thing that you need to do is to narrow down all of the activities and choose the ones that suit you the most for your trip.

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